“Limited, Award-Winning
Wines for Good Times”
éal Vineyards was started back in 1998, when owner Frank Léal had a vision. He wanted to create a winery that could incorporate his lifestyle and challenge the contemporary views of how wine should be made.

Without formal training or educational degrees in viticulture, Frank Léal relies on one thing when making wine: his palate. Frank uses all his senses to determine when the grapes are ready to be picked and when the wine is ready to be bottled. This reverence to old-world wine making techniques is complemented by Leal's youthful vigor, which is why Léal Vineyards has become the epicenter for public and private social events in San Benito County.

"My goal is to express the romance I have for wine by creating elegant, approachable and perfectly balanced wines."

This expression allows Léal to bring his distinct personality into his handcrafted wine.

he Léal philosophy aims for superior quality from the beginning. Production is dictated by the nature of the vintage, hand-harvesting only when the grapes are fully ripe. Fermentation * Barrel Aging * Blending

"Thanks to my staff who throw their hearts, heads & souls into their work year round.
The results can be seen, but are even more evident in the glass."

Frank Léal