“Limited, Award-Winning
Wines for Good Times”
éal Vineyards is the creation of a self-taught wine fanatic. Owner Frank Léal
is living his dream. His goal? To have fun, to reestablish San Benito County’s
historic reputation as a winegrowing region, and to consistently provide limited,
exceptional vintages to his discerning fans.

Many folks fantasize of running a winery when they retire. Frank decided to pursue
his dream while still in his twenties. Leaving his blue-collar career behind, he
searched for the perfect locale. In 1998 and only 28 years old, Frank purchased 50
acres for the new vineyard. The chosen spot? The foothills of Hollister, in San Benito
County towards the northern end of California’s sprawling Central Coast region.
Léal recognized that here was a perfect synthesis of climate, soils, and people for
producing truly great wines.